S. Range, Denham Springs, LA - Sundays @ 10am and 6pm, Wednesdays @ 7pm
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Archived Youth Resources:

Commune at Noon- Bro. Ben Kelly 5/18/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Cindy Rose 5/16/20

Commune at Noon-Sis. Cynthia Kelly 5/15/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Megan Mosher 5/14/20

Commune at Noon- Rev. William LaRue 5/13/20

Youth Service 5/12/20

Commune at Noon- Bro. Kasey Williams 5/11/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Sue Winner 5/9/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Jenny Poole 5/8/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Kim Arnett 5/7/20

Commune at Noon- Rev. Greg Fairbanks 5/6/20

Youth Service 5/5/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Leneeta Ewing 5/4/20

Commune at Noon- Rev. Josh Rose 5/2/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Jennifer Matthews 5/1/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Katie Rockco 4/30/20

Commune at Noon- Bro. Jonathan Woolley 4/29/20

Youth Service 4/28/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Kathryn Bokun 4/27/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Richelle Votaw 4/25/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Corliss Dupuy 4/24/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Evelyn Nodine 4/23/20

Commune at Noon- Bro. Ed Dupuy 4/22/20

Youth Service 4/21/20 Rev. Robert Jones

Commune at Noon- Sis. Anna Cobb 4/20/20

Commune at Noon- Rev. Mark Winters 4/18/20

Commune at Noon- Bro. Jon Kelly 4/17/20

Commune at Noon- Bro. Phillip Mosher 4/16/20

Commune at Noon- Bro. Matt Arnett 4/15/20

Gospel Week 5 PDF

Commune at Noon- Sis. Anna Wilkins 4/13/20

Gospel Week Four PDF- Youth Sunday School 4/12/20

Commune at Noon- Bro. David Montgomery 4/11/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Allison Bell, 4/10/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Caitlyn Sanchez Thursday, 4/9/20

Commune at Noon- Bro. Ben Robinson 4/8/20

Gospel Week Three PDF- Youth Sunday School 4/5/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Alyssa Blount 4/3/20

Gospel Week Two PDF - Youth Sunday School 3/29/20 

Commune at Noon- Sis. Jessica Williams 3/28/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Sarah Barber 3/26/20

Commune at Noon- Bro. Eric Forbes 3/25/20

We Need a Move - Youth Service 3/24/20

Commune at Noon- Sis. Alexa Kelly Monday, 3/23/20

Gospel Week One PDF - Youth Sunday School 3/22/20

Gospel Week One Video- Bro. Eric Forbes, Sis. Camille Bokun Sunday 3/22/20

Commune at Noon- Rev. Robert Jones Saturday, 3/21/20


Youth Meetup

The youth of First Pentecostal Church are comprised of ages 12 and older.  They come together every Wednesday evening at 7 pm in Bethel to experience powerful preaching, teaching and music. The teachings and experiences that come from these services allows our youth to be better prepared to handle the challenges of living in the world today.



Sunday School

Sunday School classes are available from two years old through College and Career age every Sunday morning during our 10 am service. The purpose is to lead each student to a better understanding of the Bible through hands on activities and lessons prepared according to the individual needs of each age group.


Steve and Christie Rockco



Bible Quizzing

The bible quizzing ministry is an excellent way to get the Word of God in the hearts of our children. We have both Junior and Senior Bible quizzing programs available. Senior quizzer age is 12-18. In addition to learning and gaining an understanding of God’s Word, bible quizzing also encourages self discipline, good study habits, team player attributes, and positive response to winning and losing.


Steve and Brenda Martin